What Are The Most Effective Industrial Uses of Acetone?

Acetone is a potent and versatile chemical solvent used across many industries, including industrial manufacturing, in which the most common industrial use of acetone is as a cleaning and degreasing agent. Acetone is often considered to be an ideal solvent for its high evaporation rate. Acetone is extremely effective when breaking up build-up and cleaning, and it evaporates quickly preventing pooling or damage. This high evaporation rate is also a great asset when cleaning smaller, intricate machinery as it will easily flow through tight spaces and will dry on its own, making cleaning in small spaces easier. Another reason acetone is a preferred chemical solvent is due to the fact that it is affordable and it can be sold and shipped in large bulk quantities. In addition to cleaning and degreasing, acetone has many other uses in the industrial realm, including uses as an additive ingredient and as a solvent for the production of many goods. If you are in need of a versatile, affordable, and effective industrial solvent, acetone may be the best option for your business.

Industrial Uses of Acetone

  • Cleaning and Degreasing Agent – Acetone is often used to wipe down industrial machinery after uses to wash away build up and prevent gumming, keeping machinery clean and in proper working order.
  • Additive Ingredient – Acetone is used as an additive in many manufactured goods such as cosmetics and skin care products. A reliable bulk supplier of acetone can help to keep production costs down in industrial facilities that produce these products.  
  • Solvent – Acetone is very commonly used as a solvent in the industrial production of plastics. High production facilities could benefit from using high quality acetone not only in their production, but also in the cleaning and maintenance of their manufacturing machinery.

Looking for High Quality Acetone?

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