Is Acetone a Good Solvent for 3D Printer Clean Up?

Additive manufacturing machinery and 3D printers require cleaning after use to prevent the build-up of resin that could cause damage, but is acetone a good solvent for this kind of maintenance? The answer is yes, acetone actually does a great job of breaking down cured and uncured resin from the nozzle of the 3D printing equipment. Clogged nozzles are a common issue with 3D printers. The resin that is used to print objects cures quickly and if the opening of the nozzle becomes blocked with cured resin after use, you will be unable to continue printing without removing the hardened resin. Simply soaking the nozzle in acetone after use and scraping with a thin wire or probe will remove buildup and prevent clogging that could damage your 3D printing equipment.

Why is Acetone a Good Solvent for Resin Removal?

  • Fast Evaporation – Acetone has a high evaporation rate which prevents pooling that could cause damage from prolonged exposure to moisture. When cleaning intricate parts with acetone you do not have to worry about rusting caused from left behind solvent.
  • Potent Stripping Agent – Acetone is a very strong chemical solvent that is often used to strip lacquers, paints, waxes, and resins. For this reason, acetone is able to easily break down the resin used in 3D printing, making cleanup and aftercare simple.
  • Bulk Availability – Acetone can often be purchased and shipped in bulk quantities allowing facilities that use large amounts of acetone to save money on supplies.

Shopping for Resin Removing Solvents?

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