Does Acetone Dissolve Resin?

If you are looking for a chemical solvent for resin removal you may have heard about acetone and are wondering, does acetone dissolve resin effectively? Acetone is a potent chemical solvent that is commonly used to clean and degrease, as well as to strip lacquers, waxes, resins, and paints. For this reason, acetone is often used in industrial manufacturing, including 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Acetone can be used to remove leftover resin from the nozzle of 3D printing devices to prevent clogging and build up that could cause the equipment to function improperly. Acetone is a potent chemical solvent that can strip and dissolve cured or uncured resins with ease making cleanup and maintenance of 3D printing equipment easy. So if you want to know if acetone dissolves resin, the answer is yes, and it can be used to effectively maintain your equipment. 

Why is acetone a good solvent for dissolving resin? 

  • Potent – Acetone is a strong cleaning agent that easily cuts through grease, paint, lacquers, waxes, resins, and other substances that could clog or gum up machinery. Cleaning with acetone makes tedious aftercare fast and easy to manage, as the solvent will do the heavy lifting when breaking down these substances.
  • Fast Evaporating – Acetone has a high evaporation rate, making it safe to use on intricate pieces, like 3D printing nozzles, as it will quickly evaporate from tight spaces without causing pooling or damage from prolonged exposure.
  • Lower toxicity – Acetone is highly effective, but is less toxic than other stripping chemicals like MEK. This makes using acetone safer for the user when compared to acetone alternatives.

Shopping for Resin Dissolving Solvents?

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