Military-Specified Industrial Chemicals

Ecolink is a Department of Defense Supplier with over fifteen years experience serving the U.S. Military. Ecolink’s solvent replacement strategies, toxic reduction programs and implementation support have helped the Department of Defense meet its strategic goals for environmental compliance while saving multiple millions of taxpayers dollars during sourcing, use and disposal of regulated and non-regulated industrial chemicals.

Aerospace-Military critical cleaning products by application:

  • Everyday low prices on over100 hundred NSN, military-specified industrial chemicals including PD 680 Types 1 and II and PRF 680 Types 1, II, IV and V now available on GSA (GSA Library)
    LOW VOC parts washing solvent qualified to MIL-PRF-32295A Type II, Navsolve US military’s only approved low VOC cleaners, safe to use on ferrous and nonferrous metals, designed to replace Safety Kleen® QSOL 300
    Naval Oxygen Cleaner (NOC) also known as OCC for naval sea systems oxygen cleaning, used in accordance with MIL-STD-1330D as an alternative to Tri Sodium Phosphate (TSP)
    There are six steps to naval oxygen cleaning and no short cuts.

1. Dismantle equipment completely
2. Inspect and gross clean
3. Pre clean and rinse
4. Clean, rinse and dry
5. Inspect and test for clean
6. Reassemble, package and label


* for small parts, an ultrasonic cleaner is the way to go.

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  • Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Magnaflux® Products
  • Aerospace and Mil Spec Aqueous Cleaners, Daraclean® heavy duty aqueous alkaline, all-purpose cleaner with high and neutral including: Daraclean® 121, 212, 200, 232A, 235, 236, 238, 257, 259, 282, 282GF, 283, 615 (additive), LC5, and MagnaVu® Dip and MagnaVu® Spray
  • Alkalinity, titration (AL-TA) kits for Daraclean® and all other aerospace approved alkaline cleaners
  • Magnaflux Dye Penetrants and Magnetic Particle Inspection Kits for Crack Detection, NDI/NDT including Magnaglo® Fluorescent Particle Inspection Products, Spotcheck® cleaners, removers, penetrants (SK, SKC-S, SKD-S2, SKL-SP2, SKL-WP2,14AM) and Zyglo® (ZL-2C, ZL-27A, ZL-37, ZL-15B, ZL-19, ZL-60D, ZL-67, ZL-56, ZL-4C, ZE-4B, ZR-10B, ZP-4B, ZP-5B, ZP-9F, ZP-14A, ZA-70R)
  • Magnaflux equipment and accessories: Black Lights, Light Meters, LPI Equipment, MPI Equipment & Accessories, and Magnetic Yokes
  • Plastic-safe, non-flammable Avionics contact cleaner, Ecolink 3005 Aerosol
  • Fluid reprocessing technologies, including oil and solvent recycling equipment
  • Solvent-based parts washers and weapons cleaning systems
  • Oil analysis equipment support with FTIR, TAN/TBN, Viscosity, Titration Particle Counts, ICP and filter stations U.S. Navy approved solvent for cleaning all organic and inorganic soils such as cosmoline, rosin flux, pitch and wire rope, Vortex
  • Cleaning and maintenance of rotating electrical equipment, hydraulic components, ball bearings, mating surfaces of outboard cable, connector assemblies on submarines, aircraft cannon plugs, thermal spray pre-clean and spectrometer burn chamber cleaning, Electron
  • Aerospace parts cleaner, Brulin 815GD alternatives for ultrasonic and immersion detergents to clean practically all metals including steels, aluminum & titanium
  • Hand Wipe Cleaning prior to painting & bonding, Purity formerly known as Ultra Prep or Prepsolv, 6850-01-394-0162 (4×1 gal box), 6850-01-394-0160 (5-gal can), 6850-01-394-0158 (55-gal drum) – Peacekeeper Stage IV AVE & GSE Listed Items, low vapor pressure, Type 1 Class A that meets BAC5750; Specification HP9-25; AEMS 5005; P-W-2891; Rockwell Aerospace; Textron Aero structures; McDonnell Douglas
  • Aerospace-grade dry and pre-saturated wipers for Aerospace surface preparation including Sontara, Microdenier Polishing Cloth, LWTB0006, TJ-1717, tack cloth and rags, norwex towels and cloth
  • nPB acid acceptance test kits for Hypersolve and other stabilized, aerospace-military grade, spec-approved nPB blends
  • Gas path cleaning for Siemens gas turbines, GE gas turbines, Rolls-Royce gas turbines, including Rolls Royce Trent 60 and Allison 250 series gas turbine cleaners resulting in better gas turbine performance and gas turbine efficiency, that meet or comply to MIL-PRF-85704C type I (solvent-based, available in both VOC and VOC-FREE formulations) type II (water-based) 7930-01-340-2176 NSN, 6850-01-370-5245 (RTU) including ZOK27 and ZOK MX and alternatives to JAD Chemical and Rochem Fyrewash®


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