what is a solvent recovery system

What Is a Solvent Recovery System?

If you work in a field that processes or deals regularly with solvents you may be familiar with or wondering, what is a solvent recovery system?  Solvent recovery systems allow solvents to be recycled and reused as cleaning agents. Solvent recovery systems work by extracting solvents from effluent streams or other solvent waste, and turns the collected solvents into reusable products. Extracting solvents in this method reduces the need for new solvents and is more efficient than purchasing new raw materials. Solvent recovery systems are a green solution to obtaining usable solvents, that help to save money and reduce waste. 

What are the benefits of using a solvent recovery system? 

  • Cut Costs – Using a solvent recovery system to recycle your solvents allows you to get multiple uses out of a single solvent which reduces the need to buy more solvents and allows your business to save money.
  • Less Exposure To Harmful Chemicals – Solvent recovery reduces your exposure to harmful chemicals. Instead of having to procure and use new solvents, solvent recovery occurs within a sealed chamber which allows you to spend less time exposing yourself to highly volatile chemicals and solvents.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Reusing chemicals and solvents reduces the need to produce or purchase more harmful chemicals than necessary. In turn this is a safer more environmentally conscious method of obtaining solvent and chemical materials.

Looking to Save Money Using Green Chemical Practices?

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