Save Money Using our Chemical Management Services

chemical management servicesIf you happen to be unfamiliar with chemical management services, here is a look into its business model to see if your industrial business can take advantage of its benefits.

Chemical Management Services

Chemical management services enable a customer to purchase chemical services and all aspects of the chemical management lifecycle, rather than just chemical itself. Chemical management services involves procurement, delivery and distribution, creating, logging, and maintaining inventory, monitoring and reporting related issues or problems, training employees on how to properly handle and use the chemical agent, as well as technology, treatment, and disposal information needed to maximize efficiency improvements. Under the guidelines of chemical management services, the chemical agent provider is compensated based on the quality of services provided that reduce the costs, risks, and environmental impacts during the entire lifecycle of the chemical offered, and not on the volume or quantity of chemical sold. The main and most purposeful effect chemical management services has is it places the same objective on both the service provider and the customer, and that is to work towards reducing chemical use and cost in order to achieve benefits that can be obtained through reducing chemical use, cost, and waste.

Save Money by Cutting Chemical Usage

One of the most serviceable benefits of implementing chemical management is the money savings. For examples, the cost of chemical management ranges can be upwards of three dollars for every dollar of chemical purchased. So, a facility purchasing a million dollars in chemicals could spend as much as an additional three million just to manage its use. The large cost is due to the expenses incurred as a direct result of using chemicals. Those expenses include compliance, safety, disposal, and space needed to incorporate the service, among other aspects. Chemical management services have proven to reduce all of the costs named above. In addition, chemical management services help manufacturers prioritize chemical management activities. For most manufacturing companies, chemical management is not considered part of the core business, therefore, imposing management criteria is not often a priority until some aspect of the service goes awry. As a result, the managing of chemicals by an industrial business utilizing chemical services is not performed as efficiently as other manufacturing activities. Fortunately, the implementation of chemical management services directly combats and eradicates this problem.

Eco Friendly Solutions

On the environmental front, chemical management services reduce hazardous chemical use, emissions, waste, the number of accidents on site, and liability. Chemical management services also drastically improve employee safety, it creates additional floor space for manufacturing, and it increases staff productivity by eliminating chemical management tasks from their duties, making its implementation a wonderful eco friendly solution for industrial businesses. Contacting Ecolink  – a green alternative solutions provider for industrial companies – will provide more information about the eco friendly benefits that come from using chemical management services.