Sustainable Chemical Management: The Rise of Green Chemistry

Green chemistry (a.k.a. sustainable chemistry) is a discipline that focuses on “designing of products and processes that minimize the use and generation of hazardous substances” (Wikipedia). Compared to environmental chemistry, which emphasizes avoiding chemical processes and solutions that harm nature, green chemistry is primarily concerned with developing technology that helps prevent pollution and reduce consumption of nonrenewable resources.

Green Chemistry And Solvents

When green chemistry is applied to the formulation of industrial solvents, sustainable chemical management is one of the primary areas of emphasis, as it helps accomplish the dual goal of green chemistry simultaneously: stop chemical pollution, and minimize the use of nonrenewable resources. For companies that implement solvents that achieve the goal, three important benefits can emerge: lower waste disposal cost, reduced solvent purchases, and the promotion of a good business image.

1. Lower Waste Disposal Cost

Chemicals that are sustainable in the sense of being re-useable inherently lower waste disposal cost. Instead of entering the waste trap, the chemicals get recycled and help preserve room in the trap. The trap will eventually fill or need to be emptied before at capacity to remove a certain chemical, but reusable chemicals help reduce the frequency at which the trap is purged.

2. Reduced Solvent Expense

Chemicals that are reusable also reduce solvent expense. For example, if a parts washing system is designed to recycle a degreaser for reuse in the parts washing system, the recycled degreaser would be used at least twice. Using rudimentary math, implementing this type of solvent could foreseeably reduce solvent expense by an estimate of roughly 50 percent.

3. Good Business Image

At a time when advancing environmental consciousness and improving safety in the workplace with eco friendly solutions are sweeping goals, consumers and businesses like to support companies and organizations that have decided to “go green.” Companies that use sustainable solvents that green chemistry pioneers can put the feather of sustainable chemical management in their cap, use it to improve public relations, and even use it for marketing purposes.

How Ecolink Can Help

Since we opened for business, Ecolink has been a proponent of green chemistry, using our own team of chemists to create solvents that support sustainable chemical management solutions. To “maximize clean parts, minimize chemicals” is our business motto that best describes what we do from the standpoint of “managing” chemicals to maximize their sustainability.

Moreover, we design industrial cleaners that maximize the number of parts or pieces of equipment you clean, while minimizing the solvent you use to perform cleaning. The majority of our solvents are environmentally safe or environmentally preferred, which makes them an excellent choice for companies and organizations that operate green.

Take advantage of our specialty in green chemistry to enhance your operation’s sustainable chemical management. Call us today at (800) 563-1305, or use our contact form. We look forward to supplying solvents that lower solvent waste disposal cost, reduce solvent purchases, and support the public image of companies that understand the importance of eco friendliness.