Green Chemistry

Sustainable Chemical Management: The Rise of Green Chemistry

Green chemistry, also known as sustainable chemistry, is a discipline of chemistry that focuses on reducing the usage and production of environmentally dangerous substances in order to decrease the chemical industry’s impact on the environment.  

Green Chemistry and Solvents 

When green chemistry is applied to the formulation and utilization of industrial solvents, sustainable chemical management is one of the primary areas of emphasis, as this helps to accomplish two goals of green chemistry: curtailing chemical pollution and minimizing the use of nonrenewable resources. For companies that implement green solvents, three important benefits can emerge: lower waste disposal costs, reduced solvent purchases, and the promotion of a good business image. 

Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Solvents for Sustainable Chemical Management 

  • Lower Waste Disposal Costs

Chemicals that are renewable inherently lead to a lower waste disposal cost, as instead of immediately entering the waste trap, they can be recycled. The trap will eventually fill up and need to be emptied, of course, but reusable chemicals help to reduce the frequency with which this occurs.  

  • Reduced Solvent Expense

Reusable chemicals also reduce solvent expenses. For example, if a parts washing system is able to recycle a degreasing agent, it will be used at least twice. Thus, implementing this type of solvent can decrease solvent expenses by roughly 50 percent.  

  • Good Business Image

Finally, at a time when many companies have a goal of reducing their environmental impact and improving workplace safety, and consumers like to support organizations that have decided to “go green”, following sustainable chemical management practices is a great idea for any company that works with chemicals. Organizations that use sustainable solvents can put the feather of sustainable chemical management in their cap and use it to improve public relations or for marketing purposes. 

How Ecolink Can Help 

Ecolink is a long-time supporter of green chemistry, as our team of chemists works to create solvents that support sustainable chemical management solutions.  

Moreover, we design industrial cleaners that maximize the number of parts you can clean while minimizing the amount of solvent you use to perform the cleaning. The majority of our products are environmentally safe and environmentally preferred, which makes them an excellent choice for companies looking to go green.  

Take advantage of our specialty in green chemistry to enhance your operation’s sustainable chemical management. To get started, call us at 800-563-1305 or email us at We look forward to supplying you with eco-friendly solvents that will benefit both your business and the planet!