Specialty Chemicals: Has your Business Discovered Eco Friendly Degreaser Replacements?

Degreasers contain specialty chemicals that are formulated to cut through through grease and grime, leaving mechanical parts and other types of components grease-free. Unfortunately, the specialty chemicals in many degreaser solutions simply aren’t healthy for the environment, the people who work with them, or the profit margins of companies that use them regularly.

What to Look for in a Replacement
Ecolink specializes in offering eco friendly solutions that minimize negative environmental impact, have a safer chemical profile that helps prevent chronic health conditions associated with chemical exposure, and help to mitigate waste disposal costs for industrial and commercial companies and organizations. If you need a replacement for a degreaser whose specialty chemicals are hazardous, we can offer you one that has the following benefits, among others.

Same Efficacy
One of main reservations companies have about replacing a hazardous degreaser is the fear that the healthier replacement solution won’t deliver the same efficacy as the old one. When you work with Ecolink, this isn’t a problem. For example, we offer NAVSOLVE Low VOC Degreasing Solvent that meets Meets MIL-PRF-32295A Type II specifications, and HYPERSOLVE™ TRIAGEN (A) Metal Cleaner, Degreaser & Flux Remover that cleans as well as TCA.

Flammable degreasers present at least two problems: they risk igniting in the work environment if a stray spark contacts the liquid, and they tend to present storage problems, as they should ideally be stored in a cool area in the building, where few if any combustibles exist. Non-flammable degreasers, such as the two mentioned above, eliminate both problems.

Controlled Evaporation
A degreaser that features controlled evaporation helps prevent the application of additional degreaser after the first coating quickly dries. This situation can lead to more degreaser being collected in the waste system, and drive up waste disposal costs, especially in the long-term. Controlled evaporation helps you use a single application of degreaser as efficiently as possible.

No Residue
Because cleaner residue attracts dirt and grime, it is ultimately counter intuitive to use a degreaser that leaves a residue, however thin. No only do residual degreasers not keep parts clean as long as non-residual degreasers; they also shorten the time between degreasing operations, causing you to use more solution than necessary and increasing operating costs.

Low VOCs
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) may have an organic source, but that doesn’t mean they are safe for human contact. In fact, many temporary and chronic medical conditions have been connected to VOC exposure. No company wants to pay out more workers comp or absorb the cost of increased sick days, and using a low VOC degreaser can help your company avoid it.

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There is no reason to keep using conventional degreasers whose specialty chemicals are hazardous to the environment and those who work with them, as well as present other problems, such as fire risk, residue on parts, and increased waste disposal costs. Ecolink gives you the option to avoid these problems by replacing the degreaser with one of our eco friendly solutions. Call us today at (800) 563-1305, or refer to the contact page on our website.