Why Use Industrial Alcohol For Cleaning?

Using industrial alcohol for cleaning is a great way to clean and degrease industrial equipment after use, to prevent build up and break down sticky residue. In addition to being a great cleaning agent there are many benefits to using industrial alcohol for cleaning in place of other harsh chemical cleaning and degreasing agents. Alcohol is low VOC, meaning it has a low toxicity level, it is affordable, and can be purchased in bulk quantities, which helps to cut costs. If you work in an industry that could benefit from a safe, easy to use industrial cleaner that is also cost effective, consider using industrial alcohol for cleaning your machinery, electronics, and other industrial equipment. 

Benefits of Working with Industrial Alcohol:

  • Low Toxicity – Alcohol is a low VOC (low volatile organic compound) which means it is not harmful to the environment or humans when used correctly and is generally safe, requiring minimal protective gear to use.
  • Fast Evaporation Rate – Alcohol has a high evaporation rate, allowing it to completely dry in a short amount of time. This makes alcohol the preferred cleaning agent for electronics as it will not cause moisture damage.
  • Cost Effective – Alcohol is safer and more affordable than other chemical cleaners and degreasers, it is also available to be purchased in bulk from industrial suppliers like Ecolink, which further helps to cut costs.

Where to Purchase Industrial Alcohol For Cleaning:

If you are interested in purchasing industrial alcohol to clean and degrease items like manufacturing machinery, electronics, or 3D printers contact us today! Ecolink is an environmentally friendly supplier of solvents and chemical cleaners. They can help you find the best industrial cleaner for your needs, and provide bulk quantities to help cut costs. Ecolink’s knowledgeable customer care team is always available to answer your questions and provide you with the knowledge you need to choose a chemical or solvent.