What is Cleanroom Grade Alcohol?

Cleanroom grade alcohol is a high potency IPA (isopropyl alcohol), such as 70/30 IPA, that is used to disinfect, clean, or dissolve nonpolar substances. This grade of IPA is highly antimicrobial and has the ability to kill bacteria, fungus, and germs that can cause infection or disease. This grade of IPA is also known for having a very high evaporation rate. This means that when a cleanroom grade alcohol is used to clean or disinfect an object or surface, it will dry very quickly limiting the subject’s exposure to moisturel. For this reason, cleanroom grade alcohol is often used to clean electronic devices and components without causing damage from moisture exposure or pooling. If you are in a field of work that uses large amounts of cleanroom grade alcohol, buying in bulk from a reliable supplier can help save money without sacrificing quality.

Who Could Benefit from Purchasing Cleanroom Grade Alcohol in Bulk? 

  • Cleanrooms – Cleanrooms are controlled environments that keep out pollutants like dust and bacteria that could contaminate the product being produced or studied in these rooms. To keep surfaces or products clean and free of contaminants they can be wiped down or disinfected with cleanroom grade alcohol.
  • Medical Offices – From doctors offices to urgent care facilities, school nurses, or home first aid, alcohol is widely used to clean and disinfect minor cuts and scrapes. Cleaning a minor wound with an IPA kills harmful bacteria and prevents infection.
  • Manufacturing – Due to IPA’s high evaporation rate and ability to clean and dissolve sticky substances, high grade IPA’s like cleanroom grade alcohol are often used to clean machinery and other electronics.

Looking to Purchase Cleanroom Grade Alcohol?

If you are interested in buying a bulk supply of cleanroom grade alcohol, contact us today! Ecolink is an affordable, bulk supplier of high purity chemicals and solvents like cleanroom grade alcohol.