Aerospace Cleaning Chemicals: Eco Friendly Solutions for Aerospace Cleaning

Aerospace cleaning chemicals are specially formulated to adhere to the complex maintenance standards for aerospace equipment. However, many aerospace cleaning chemicals are conventional solutions that don’t meet EPA regulations for the safe use of cleaning chemicals.

Because the EPA is continually in the process of banning or regulating the use of dangerous chemicals in commercial and industrial environments, now would be an excellent time to switch to aerospace cleaning chemicals that minimally impact the environment, if they impact it at all.

Eco Friendly Solutions for Aerospace Cleaning
There are two basic forms of aerospace cleaning: cleaning the cabin of aerospace equipment, and cleaning areas outside the cabin, particularly the body of the aircraft and its mechanical components located in the engine compartment. If you need eco friendly aerospace cleaning chemicals for these tasks, we can offer you the following high-performance replacements.

Aero Kleen
This is an environmentally responsible product that is designed to remove grease, fuel oils, hydraulic fluids, carbon and organic resins without leveraging the power of toxic chemicals. Aero Kleen is formulated to comply with military/commercial conformance standards for cleaning Douglas Aircraft Company aerospace equipment and Boeing aerospace equipment.

Ecolink 2005 –  Replaced by FluoSolv
This eco friendly cleaning solution is formulated to clean electrical components and contacts in spot cleaning applications. Ecolink 2005 is especially helpful for cleaning aerospace equipment for the following businesses and organizations: NASA Dryden Research Center, Northrop Grumman, Sikorsky, and Lockheed Martin. Ecolink 2005 is also highly effective as a solution for immersion/Sonics cleaning to decontaminate oxidizer flow meters in military/commercial aircraft.

Ecolink 3005 – Replaced by FluoSolv
Ecolink 3005 is specially designed to clean away light oil and dust in a manner that makes it a valuable solution for displacing oil from canon plugs and using as an electrical contact cleaner for a variety of avionics equipment. This solution meets performance standards that are necessary for specific aircraft cleaning operations at the large avionics company Boeing.

Electron comes in two forms: original Electron and Electron 296. Electron is used as a cleaner for everything from general cleaning operations, to cleaning spectrometer burn chambers, to serving as a QPL Class II solvent remover. Electron 296 is marketed as a replacement solution for general maintenance of DOD ground equipment, weapons, and aerospace equipment.

This general purpose cleaner is used for general cleaning of hydraulic components, cleaning rotating electrical equipment, and for cleaning prior to thermal spraying, to name a few. Hypersolve meets many conformation standards, including: Boeing D6-17487 Revision L, Douglas Aircraft Company, CSD #1, NAVSEA 300, and several U.S. Army DMWR’s.

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For many companies and organizations, replacing hazardous aerospace cleaning chemicals with eco friendly ones can be an anxious affair. Will the new solution perform as well as the old one? Can the new solution be purchased for a price that is similar to the cost for the replaced chemical? Could the new solution help to decrease professional waste disposal costs?

When you purchase eco friendly aerospace cleaning solutions, the answer to all of these questions is yes. Ecolink specializes in creating highly efficacious, eco friendly cleaning products that help companies control emissions and help reduce negative health conditions in workers who are exposed to the solutions on a regular basis in the work environment.

For more information about our eco friendly replacement solutions for aerospace cleaning chemicals, call us today at (800) 563-1305, or refer to the contact page on our website. We look forward to helping you implement high-quality replacements for dangerous cleaning chemicals.