MIL-PRF-680 information and purchase

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This specification covers degreasing solvent that consists of four types of petroleum distillates.


The different types are referred to as:

  1. “Stoddard solvent”
  2. “141 degrees Fahrenheit (degrees F) (60.6 degrees Celsius (degrees C)) solvent”
  3. “200 degrees F (93.3 degrees C) solvent”
  4. “141 degrees F     d-limonene blended solvent”


Degreasing Solvent


Used for degreasing of machine parts in equipment maintenance.


Use undiluted. NEW II works very well in a drum mounted parts washer or any immersion tank. (Not for use in high pressure enclosed cabinets.) You may also spray or wipe NEW II on a surface to be cleaned. Oil, dirt, and carbon will flow off surface. If additional cleaning is required, re-apply and agitate with rag or brush. To speed evaporation, use compressed air or wipe with a dry rag.

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6850-01-474-2319 GL – 4 per BX

6850-01-474-2317 CN – 5 gallon

6850-01-378-0698 CN- 15 gallon
6850-01-474-2316 DR – 55 gallon