What Are Some Eco-Friendly MEK Replacements?

What Are Some Eco-Friendly MEK Replacements?  

MEK, also known as methyl ethyl ketone, is a controversial chemical that remains in the mainstream of various industries. The ketone industrial solvent is considered effective and is commonly used in the manufacturing of plastics, in paint removers, and as a cleaning agent. 

 Though MEK has been one of the most reliable cleaning solvents for many companies, many are starting to question the health risks associated with the chemical and if there are any safer replacements for it. 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the hazards associated with exposure to this chemical, and where you can find safer, eco-friendly MEK replacements. 

The Hazards of MEK  

MEK is now considerably infamous for its toxicity, as many studies have exposed its potential to cause damage to workers’ health:  

  • Highly flammable 
  • Can harm the central nervous system at high concentrations 
  • Serious eye and respiratory irritants 
  • Can cause serious health effects when inhaled, such as dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, blurred vision, or unconsciousness 
  • Studies indicate it can contaminate and potentially damage soil ecosystems 

Is There Any Effective MEK Replacement? 

Luckily, for companies searching to create a safer workplace and ensure the safety of their employees’ health, there are multiple options and several MEK replacements available that are significantly less toxic. Two such options are acetone or Preptone.  

Acetone is a common MEK replacement due to its efficiency, low toxicity, and inexpensiveness. But those searching for a specifically formulated effective cleaning agent may be more interested in a product like Preptone.  

What Is Preptone? 

Preptone is a fast-evaporating wipe solvent consisting of a blend of high-purity d-limonene in an acetone base. The terpene-containing solvent performs much more effectively than ketone solvents like MEK and TCE.  

The list of benefits of using Preptone over MEK is enough to convince many to make the switch: 

  • Strong solvency with flawless evaporation 
  • Non-polar solvency, making it efficient to remove stubborn soils 
  • Ideal for pre-paint cleaning and preparation 
  • The acetone component is VOC-exempt, low VOC in the non-exempt component 
  • No halogenated or ozone-depleting substances  
  • Compatible with all metals and some plastics 

With a product like Preptone available, companies can choose to preserve workers’ health and well-being without compromising quality. 

Interested in Trying Preptone? 

If you are looking to see if you are eligible to try a sample of Preptone or have any questions regarding products for your industrial needs, reach out to our staff at Ecolink today!