MEK and Preptone

Preptone Versus MEK

Methyl ethyl ketone, commonly known as MEK, is a traditional organic solvent utilized by various industrial companies in the production of certain rubbers, plastics, paraffin wax, textiles, and more. Though the product had a long reputation as a highly sought-after solvent, more companies are beginning to understand the risks associated with MEK use and attempting to replace it with greener alternatives, such as Preptone. To understand the benefits of using Preptone over MEK, the characteristics of each solvent should be explored and compared.   


Characteristics of MEK  

Historically, MEK has been a popular solvent for various industries due to its desirable characteristics, some of which include the following: 

  • Possesses a high boiling point 
  • Strong cleaning performance as a degreaser and coating remover 
  • Plastic welding ability 
  • Soluble in water 
  • Quick evaporation 

These qualities make MEK an effective chemical, but consistent use of MEK can negatively affect the safety of workers and the environment. The danger of using this solvent comes from its ability to possibly react with volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere and form photochemical smog, which consists of highly toxic constituents, such as ozone. 

This solvent is also known for its associated health risks, particularly towards workers using the product, some of which potentially include:   

  • Respiratory irritation 
  • Serious eye irritation 
  • Skin irritation 
  • High toxicity  

Luckily, greener alternatives exist that can help decrease the chances of these negative health risks associated with MEK. Preptone is one such product, that is a great substitute for companies who are used to using MEK and are looking for a safer, more eco-friendly product. 

Characteristics of Preptone  

Preptone employs a fast-evaporating solvent system, while also incorporating UltraPrep terpene solvent technology. 

The product consists of a blend of high-purity d-limonene—a highly effective cleaning agent—in an acetone base. The presence of d-limonene and acetone enables the product to combine the advantages of both powerful solvents. Terpene solvents are also known for having a more powerful performance than most ketone solvents, enabling Preptone to be the ideal replacement for traditional toxic solvents like TCE and MEK.   

Some of the desirable qualities of Preptone include:  

  • Strong non-polar solvency, perfect for the removal of stubborn soils 
  • Clean and quick evaporation 
  • Ideal for pre-paint preparation and cleaning 
  • Suitable for aerospace applications, with a vapor pressure much lower than the aerospace limit 
  • Low VOC 
  • No ozone-depleting compounds 
  • No halogenated compounds or HAPs 
  • Compatible with all metals and some plastics

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