Industrial Degreasing F 100 Engine on F 15 Airplanes

Ecolink’s flagship product, Positron, approved for F 100 engine on F 15 airplanes

Pratt & Whitney J58 @ The Museum of Flight

Ecolink Inc. presented Positron cleaner degreaser during 2010 Environmental, Health and Safety Fair at Warner Robins AFB. Positron is an approved industrial solvent for maintaining Pratt & Whitney F 100 engines as part of F 15 and F 16 airplanes.

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Special Offer for Warner Robins AFB attendees of 2010 EH&S Fair

Ecolink Inc. is offering a 15% discount and FREE shipping for any new cleaner degreasers, degreaser chemicals or industrial solvent manufactured or distributed by Ecolink Inc. — including Positron.

Mention “Museum of Aviation” when placing order.

POSITRON High Purity Dielectric Solvent
  • Hand wipe cleaning of Landing Gear for Overhaul & Repair
  • Exterior & General Cleaner
  • Cleaning of Exterior Gas Turbine engines, including Titanium & non-Titanium Hardware
  • Ferrography
  • Cleaning of Cannon Plugs & Wire Harnesses
  • Cleaning Agent for Control Material Installation & Repair
  • Boeing D6-17487 Rev. L
  • Douglas Aircraft Company, CSD #1
  • GE Aircraft Engines Task 70-21-23-110-053
  • Pratt & Whitney PMC #8920
  • P-W-2891
  • AF T.O 35C1-4-173-3
  • GE Energy Services DWG No. 503HA264
6850-01-411-8815 GL 4 per BX 6850-01-412-0026 CN – 5 gallon6850-01-412-0028 DR – 55 gallon

6850-01-445-3545 Aerosols, 12-16 ounce cans per BX

6850-01-445-3541 Pump Spray 12-22 ounce bottles per BX



We offer numerous alternatives to:

  • Chemtronics
  • Petroferm Inc.
  • CRC Industries
  • Safety Kleen
  • Inland Technologies
  • ZEP
  • LPS  Laboratories

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