Who Says ZEP Cleaner Degreaser is Green?



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Zep® Cleaning Supplies Invade 2010 National Environmental Summit

Each year at the National Environmental Summit, the exhibit hall displays green products, green services, recycling programs, and all things green and sustainable. This year Zep® showcased their garden variety of industrial cleaners including:

Zep® Cleaning Products and the environment. I did a double take to make sure I was at the right venue. After reading over their ‘green’ product marketing literature and comparing to their track record and more than 70 years of corporate history, we had to blow the whistle and set the record straight.


According to http://www.zepinc.com/aboutus/history/, “since its beginning in Atlanta, Georgia in 1937, Zep Inc.’s focus has been to offer customers the widest selection of top-quality industrial cleaning products with superior personal service and professional technical support. By the early 1990s, NSI’s strategic business acquisitions and dispositions had left it with five other key divisions beyond chemicals: lighting (the precursor division to Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc.), linen supplies, insulation, envelopes, and marketing services. The mix changed again by the late 1990s as more dispositions and acquisitions were made, including the purchase in 1997 of Enforcer Products, Inc., a maker of home and garden products such as insecticides and herbicides, and plumbing and cleaning solutions. Together, the Zep®, Selig™, Enforcer® and National Chemical® brands were maintained under NSI Chemicals Group until it became Acuity Specialty Products, Inc., a business segment of Acuity Brands, Inc., in 2001 during the latter’s spin off from National Services Industries, Inc. 2007, Acuity Brands, Inc., announced plans to separate Acuity Specialty Products, Inc., from its sister company, Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc., and to rename the new independent, public company Zep Inc.” Translation: We’re all about making $ through acquiring and disposing of companies and brands. We’re not sure who we are or who we ever will be. Cleaners always on the menu but what about some lighting, linens, envelopes, marketing services or X, Y or Z? They have held true to their original charter of offering the widest selection. But greenest?

To answer their green claims of fame: according to http://www.zepinc.com/aboutus/environment/, “Zep GreenLink™ product range is but one example of our commitment to environmentally conscious product development. The line includes products certified by Green Seal®, EcoLogo, and the EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) program. We also have our own standards, which certify eligible products as Environmentally Preferred Products. All Zep GreenLink™ products meet the same demanding, 17-point formulation criteria.” Translation: We offer Enforcer® insecticides and herbicides but ‘now’ we’re green since we offer a small % of green products from more than 3,500 detergents, disinfectants, hand cleaners, degreasers, deodorants, lubricants, floor finishes and car-care products. It is good that they offer some green options but heed warning when consuming their spin marketing. Walking by their trade booth gives the impression that they have a long history of environmental leadership. Their website and track record speak for themselves. Please keep this in mind when perusing their website, literature or engaging in a product demonstration. As a publicly traded company, they are committed to economic sustainability in the form of stock valuation. Their meager green offering is neither original, transparent or authentic. Kindly ignore this big bad wolf disguised under green sheep’s wool.

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