How the Wrong Chemical Company Can Make You Miss Deadlines

In one way or another, most companies work in what we’ve come to call a “deadline driven environment” — a term that’s self-explanatory. Practically everything a company sells, as well as every process that contributes to the sales process, has a strict timeline attached.

When timelines aren’t kept, internal problems are often to blame, but missed deadlines can also result from a business-to-business relationship, where one partner always seems to be a step behind.

Is Your Chemical Company Making You Miss Deadlines?

The scenario above can happen in various capacities. Here, we’re concerned with how using the wrong chemical company can make you miss deadlines — a phenomenon you simply can’t afford due to the customer attrition it can cause.

Consequently, the focus for solvent users should be to avoid these companies instead of cutting them loose once their shoddy business practices come to light. Below are four characteristics of a chemical company that have a good chance of making you miss important deadlines.

  1. Doesn’t Formulate Custom Solvents

If your chemical company doesn’t formulate custom solvents, and you end up needing a custom formulation, you’ll need to find a different supplier — a process that requires time, effort, and careful decision making that could easily make you miss deadlines that depend on solvent use.

  1. Supplies Custom Solvents on a One-off Basis

If you need a custom solvent for an ongoing cleaning application, chances are that you need the solvent on an ongoing basis instead of a one-off basis, which would require you to reorder the solvent each time you need a new batch. A chemical company that stores your solvent information, and can supply custom solvents on a scheduled basis is a better option.

  1. Uses Shipping Options That Slow Delivery

Direct shipping provides the fastest delivery, but some chemical companies use less than load (LTL) shipping to help cut costs for delivering small to medium size orders. In LTL shipping, multiple shipments are placed in a single freight container and dropped off to multiple customers along the shipping route. LTL shipping involves lots of stops and starts, which slows down the delivery of your solvent.

  1. Not Enough Production to Serve Customer Base

Another drawback that some chemical companies have is simply not producing enough supply to meet demand. If your current supplier is frequently backlogged with orders for the solvent you need, this alone is enough to choose a different supplier.

Looking for a New Chemical Company?

If your current chemical company sabotages your operations by making you miss deadlines, it’s time to find a new one. Ecolink would love the opportunity to show you how we can improve the situation once and for all.

We offer stock solvents that ship the same day, custom solvents that ship in a few days, and provide the option of having your solvents delivered on a scheduled basis through direct shipping — all for an affordable price that helps prevent your solvent operations from using too much of the operating budget.

To learn more about our solvent options and solvent delivery options, please call us today at (800) 563-1305, our use our contact form, to schedule a free review of your requirements. We look forward to helping you consistently complete your solvent-based operations on schedule.