Wood Alcohol Uses

Wood Alcohol Production: From Biomass to Valuable Fuel  

Wood alcohol or methanol is a fuel source derived from scrap wood and paper clippings. It can be used as a fuel- source for propane and natural gas burners. There are also other applications of wood alcohol: such as being an automotive antifreeze and a general solvent. This blog will discuss the production of this alcohol and how biomass- such as wood- can be transformed into a valuable fuel source.  

How is Wood Alcohol Production done?   

The production of wood alcohol has become easier over time; however, the alcohol’s hazardous nature has not changed. To produce wood alcohol, a destructive distillation process such as the one outlined below must be used.   

  • The wood is collected (typically oak or pine)  
  • Then the wood is chopped into smaller pieces and dried  
  • After being chopped, the wood is loaded into a sealable vessel or retort   
  • The wood is brought to a high temperature  
  • Once heated, the wood begins to break into different gases, liquids, and solids  
  • The gases and vapors pass through a condenser where they are cooled and converted into liquid (Wood Vinegar)  
  • Once condensed, the wood vinegar is distilled to separate the methanol or wood alcohol from the other substances  
  • The distillation process involves heating the wood vinegar to a certain point in which the methanol turns into a vapor  
  • The wood alcohol vapor is then condensed and collected in a separate vessel  
  • The final step is to add a denaturant or chemical; this makes wood alcohol inedible  

Although wood alcohol is a highly toxic compound, it also is a valuable fuel source. There are a multitude of industries that use this substance for numerous roles in their production process.   

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