where to buy heptane

Where To Buy Heptane

Wondering where to buy heptane in bulk? Ecolink is a trusted, industrial supplier of many chemicals, including heptane. We offer heptane in different bulk quantities like our 55-gallon drum available here in our shop. 

Heptane, being a straight-chained hydrocarbon produced by distilling petroleum, is a highly insoluble compound used often in household and industrial-scale settings. 

Heptane Description and Common Uses: 

  • Heptane is a hydrocarbon produced by distilling petroleum. 
  • It is highly insoluble and is used in household and industrial settings. Heptane is also often utilized as a diluent in solvents because it is highly insoluble (meaning it has incredible diluting ability).
  • Heptane is widely used as a non-polar industrial and laboratory solvent and is known more broadly for its role as the standard measuring system in the octane ratings listed on gasoline pumps around the world. 
  • Heptane appears as a colorless liquid with a mild solvent-like odor. 

What Are Other Names For Heptane?

Heptane is also commonly referred to by the following chemical names; Naphtha Petroleum, n-heptane, hydrotreated light, Brake cleaner, aliphatic hydrocarbon, and  heptane (B) commercial grade. 

What Are The Benefits of Using Heptane?

  • Extremely insoluble. 
  • Absorbs organic substances. 
  • Low boiling point. 
  • Low density. 

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 Where To Buy Heptane

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