Where Does Chemical Waste Go?

chemical wasteFor as much as most human beings waste chemicals and products, you would think there would be more of a general concern regarding where exactly all the waste that human beings produce goes. The sad part is, if you asked people where chemical waste goes after it has been used, dumped, or discarded, most people probably would not be able to answer the question. The following information will provide a bit of insight as to where exactly our chemical waste goes after it has been disposed of, which should create quite an alarm for anyone who reads this blog post.

The truth is, if companies and people do not use a direct chemical waste disposal business that properly handles the disposing of chemical waste, much of the chemical waste that gets discarded ends up in the environment – polluting the soil, our water systems, and even the air you breathe. If you go through a legitimate chemical waste disposing company, then it will be taken to a safe location, or perhaps even back to the company’s central facility for safe storage and handling until it can be shipped off site, reused, and/or recycled, depending on the type of chemical waste being moved. The final disposition of the chemical waste can vary. The good news is that many of the waste streams can be recycled, and even some of those streams can be used for fuel.

What should cause concern and incite alarm is some of the other methods of chemical waste disposal, such as offsite incineration, which merely turns the chemical waste into a gaseous state and still releases toxins into the atmosphere. Another frightening concept is that some chemical waste is placed in hazardous waste landfills. recycle chemicalsWhy are chemical waste landfills such a terrible idea? Even though the idea is that the chemical waste seeps into the ground, it is in a controlled environment. Unfortunately, this could not be any further from the truth. Evidence shows that, even in a controlled landfill, chemical waste will continue to seep deep into the soil, which can spread, and even find its way into water systems and in areas where plants and vegetation have been planted in that soil.

The mere fact that the last two methods of chemical waste disposal use unsafe measures should be reason alone that all of us, and every single company that uses chemical products, makes sure that we take every step that concentrates on reducing chemical waste throughout our entire country. Ecolink can help you, and businesses that use chemical products, identify, and strategize ways to recycle, reuse, and reduce chemical waste. The unsafe disposal of chemical waste is a serious matter, and is it fortunate that we have a company like Ecolink that can help us find eco friendly, green alternative measures that will prevent or reduce chemical waste.