What Is USP Grade

What Is USP Grade?

Anyone who is looking into solvents and chemicals for manufacturing or industrial use may be wondering, what is USP grade? The USP or US Pharmacopeia is the organization that sets the bar for potency and purity of chemicals in order for them to be considered pharmaceutical grade, which is a very high purity grade of chemical or solvent that is safe to be used in many pharmaceutical and personal care products. So, what is USP grade? Simply put, a chemical that is USP grade is a pharmaceutical-grade chemical or solvent.

What is USP grade used for?

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing – USP grade isopropyl alcohol is used as a solvent in the production of many pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical products.
  • Personal Care Active Ingredients – Many personal hygienes and care products contain USP grade chemicals such as alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, glycerine, and more as both active and inactive ingredients. The high purity level of chemicals in these products is essential to consumer safety.
  • Medical and First Aid – USP or pharmaceutical grade alcohol and hydrogen peroxide are both used for first aid purposes when cleaning out minor wounds and preventing infection. This grade of alcohol can also be used to sterilize medical tools.
  • FDA Approved Hand Sanitizer – The FDA approved hand sanitizer formula calls for both USP grade glycerin 99.7% as it is non-GMO, hypoallergenic, and non-irritating, as well as USP grade alcohol as the active ingredient for sanitization.

Need to find USP grade chemicals and solvents?

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