What is Toulene

Toulene is a colorless water insoluble liquid. It has many uses. Perhaps the most common application of Toulene is in paint thinner. Indeed, the smell of Toulene will be familiar to most people who have been around the latter.

Toulene Applications

Toulene is also used in cement, contact glue, and fuel. More recent applications have been found for cleaning products, and a growing number of cleaning professionals have turned to Toulene cleaner to take on their toughest jobs. It must be pointed out that Toulene is essentially a solvent—one of the most potent and effective on the market. This is an invaluable property for cleaning, and professionals who are tasked with sanitizing large offices and industrial sites have learned to take advantage of it.

Toulene is hazardous to human health, and so it should not be consumed or inhaled in anyway. Professionals who use Toulene wear protective gear so as to minimize direct exposure to it.

In moderate doses, the compound is perfectly safe to use as nail polish remover. Many women have put it to use for that exact purpose and have done so with great success.

Need More Info About Toulene?

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