What is the Millipore Test Standard?

What Is The Millipore Test Standard?

What is the Millipore test standard? The Millipore test standard is best explained by looking into the history behind Millipore. Millipore was established in 1954 as a filtration membrane manufacturing company. Pioneering the use of membrane technology across hundreds of applications, the Millipore Corporation became instrumental in defining standards for the testing of compounds, and after many years on continued use of their game changing filtration technology using membranes, the Millipore name became synonymous with gravimetric cleanliness testing. Today, gravimetric cleanliness testing and the Millipore Test Standards are considered the same thing.

In 2010, Merck, the well known German pharmaceutical company acquired Millipore Corporation and established EMD Millipore as it’s North American life sciences tools division, creating a market leader in bio-research and bio-production to many diverse industries. Today, most chemical manufacturers and providers use the Millipore test standard as a measuring stick for the quality of chemicals used for cleanliness testing. Ecolink, being a trusted and experienced chemical provider, is recognized as a provider of chemicals and chemical solutions that meet and exceed the Millipore Test Standard.

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