what is the difference between soft wash and power wash

What Is The Difference Between Soft Wash And Power Wash? 

What is the difference between soft wash and power wash? Understanding the difference between soft wash and power wash can be best explained when you consider the reasons soft washing was developed. Power washing, using portable electric pump machinery and water was developed a great many years ago to provide much more intensive and heightened cleaning abilities to perform what was becoming a mundane and difficult exercise in performance cleaning. Soft washing was introduced primarily to provide the same level of cleaning as power washing without causing damage to buildings, roofs, machinery, or any other surface being cleaned via soft washing. The soft wash system uses soft washing cleaning chemicals in place of water and low-pressure pump systems to effectively clean surfaces of mold, build-up, bacteria, and other impurities. 

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What Is The Difference Between Soft Wash and Power Wash? Ask The Experts!

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