What is Lab Grade Acetone?

Acetone is a naturally occurring solvent that most people are familiar with or have used in some capacity, but if you work in a more formal, scientific setting you may wonder what is lab grade acetone? In common use, acetone is an additive ingredient in gasoline, and cosmetic products, or a solvent used to degrease or clean. However, lab grade acetone is an incredibly pure form of this compound that is suitable to be used for scientific studies, pharmaceutical extractions, or the cleaning and sterilization of lab equipment that may have delicate mirror and lense components or laser optic technology.

Lab grade acetone, is 99.9% acetone, making it extremely pure, free of contaminants, and incredibly potent. For these reasons, only lab grade acetone should be used in scientific settings to ensure quality results and cleanliness or sterilization of equipment.

What is Lab Grade Acetone Used For? 

  • Acetone is a very versatile solvent, lab grade acetone specifically can be used in a multitude of ways in a lab setting. From simply using it to clean glassware or sterilize surgical tools, lab grade acetone in a necessity for most scientific, lab, and medical settings to provide proper care and cleaning of tools.
  • In addition to cleaning the tools that are used in a lab, lab grade acetone can also be used as a solvent in various types of tests. An example of this would be using lab grade acetone in HPLC or High Performance Liquid Chromatography. HPLC is a process in which lab grade acetone is introduced to a mixture to separate and analyze its different components. Since lab grade acetone is a very pure and free of contaminants, it is best to use this form of acetone for HPLC.
  • Lab grade acetone can also be used for other pharmaceutical and medical purposes such as THC extraction. Pure acetone can be used to strip or extract THC from cannabis plants to be used for various cannabis based medications.

Looking for Lab Grade Acetone?

Pure lab grade acetone is free of contaminants that could negatively impact scientific processes and sterilization of equipment and medical tools. This is why you should always use a pure form of acetone in your lab or medical practice. Ecolink is a proud provider of eco friendly solvents and chemicals, one of which is lab grade acetone that can be purchased in quantities from 5 gallon pails to 55 gallon drums. Contact us today to learn more about their line of eco friendly products.