What is 90 White Oil

What is 90 White Oil?

To begin, we should discuss the overall view of white oil in general. When people normally think of oils what do they think about? Fuel oil, motor oil, or oil for their food: olive, avocado etc. The closest one came to when thinking about white oil is food oils.  White oil is a kind of clean mineral oil that is safe to use in many different industries. White oil is clear and has no smell,  and is tasteless. This makes it easier to be applied in and on many different items.  90 White oil has been made in a way that it meets the needs for Kosher lifestyles, and is made so that it can be safely in contact with food. This is a refined product by using high pressure hydro treatment and is stabilized with vitamin E.  The 90 in 90 white oil refers to the viscosity grade of the oil there are three other grades along with 90 White Oil.

Three Grades of 90 White Oil

  • 70 White Oil
  • 90 White Oil
  • 220 White Oil
  • 350 White Oil

The main difference between all these products is essentially the viscosity of the products listed above. Viscosity is basically the thickness of the oil and how thick or runny the product is, and that varies by who is interested in the product. Otherwise it is all White Oil, but different viscosities may be needed for the different types of applications this product has.

Applications of 90 White Oil

  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textile Fiber Lubricant
  • Fruit and Vegetable Coatings
  • Coatings for Kitchen Supplies (Knives, Bakery Pans etc)

The application of 90 White Oil and other white oil viscosities are used on some of the most common products Americans use everyday. This product has so many benefits that make it a safe usable product for a variety of  companies and products. For more information on our white oil products contact us here.