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What Dissolves Oil Sludge

What dissolves oil sludge? Oil sludge can build up on industrial machinery with use, and over time this sludge can cause the machinery to malfunction or break. If you are looking for chemicals that dissolve oil sludge and are safe to use on industrial machinery and print equipment, you have several options. Two of the most popular and affordable industrial degreasers that can dissolve oil sludge and build up are acetone and IPA. 

Acetone is a great industrial degreaser for a few reasons. Acetone can break up both oil build up and harden resins, meaning it can be used on 3D printing equipment as well. Acetone also has a high evaporation rate, so there is no need to worry about leftover chemicals causing moisture damage to your equipment.

Much like acetone, IPA also has  a high evaporation rate. This is especially helpful when cleaning intricate equipment that has many small crevices and components. IPA can get into the small spaces, dissolve the oil build up, and then evaporate. Therefore you don’t have to worry about reaching into these intricate areas to dry leftover product, as it will quickly dry on it’s own.

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Need Help Figuring Out What Dissolves Oil Sludge?

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