What Are Pressroom Chemicals and Where Can They Be Ordered?

What are pressroom chemicals? Pressroom chemicals are commonly used in printing processes as washes, fountain solutions, cleaners, and other solutions to achieve high quality prints. Many people are under the common misconception that printing is an antiquated process of the past, but globally over 2.7 billion adults still regularly consume printed goods such as books, newspapers, magazines, and more. This means that there is still a market and high demand for print, so in turn there is a need for pressroom chemicals. If you are in need of high quality pressroom chemicals, Ecolink can help!

What are Pressroom Chemicals Used For:

  • Press Washes – Press washes are typically used after printing to remove excess ink from the printing machinery. This helps to keep presses clean and ready to use for the next print.
  • Fountain Solutions – Pressroom chemicals can also be used as fountain solutions. These solutions dampen the printing plates before they make contact with the ink, to ensure a higher quality print.  
  • Press Additives – Additives such as de-foaming, ink drying, silicones, desensitizing, and antibacterial agents all require the use of pressroom chemicals. 
  • Plate Cleaners –  pressroom chemical plate cleaners remove ink and buildup from printing plates, while preserving the plate, and ensuring a clean, high quality print. 
  • Specialty Washes – Pressroom chemicals are also used in specialty cleaners such as blanket conditioners, roller cleaners, and more. 

Need To Find Pressroom Chemicals?

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