What Are Industrial Degreasing Solvents?

Industrial degreasing solvents are a solution that is used to prepare or ready a part or metal object for further or additional operations, such as painting or electroplating. The solvent is made up of a particular chemical solution, which could include multiple chemicals to make up a certain degreasing concoction, in order to dissolve machining fluids and contaminants that could be lingering on the part or metal object.

Whatever cleaning agent is decided on, it should be applied directly on the surface either by wiping, brushing or spraying. If done correctly, and if a strong enough industrial degreasing solvent was used, the entire process should have removed any dirt, oil, grease, loose particles, and any other contaminants that might still exist or have stained the surface of the material or object.

An additional step that people and companies use to clean a metal or whatever material it is that needs cleaning is through immersion. Immersing the object into a tank of some sort, with the contents of the industrial degreasing solvent and agitating it (similar to how a washing machine works) is an effective method to removing particles and contaminants from the piece.

The benefits to using industrial degreasing solvents versus other types of cleaning agents, especially vapor degreasing solutions, include:

  • The reduction of emissions when compared to vapor degreasing operations
  • Not nearly as much venting is required, which means it is much easier to rapidly set up and put in place a small degreasing operation
  • Liquid solvents are simply easier to deal with than vapor degreasing agents

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