What Are Extraction Grade Solvents

What are extraction grade solvents? Extraction grade solvents are chemical solvents that are safe and effective for use in oil extraction processes. This process is called solvent extraction. In solvent extraction, both a chemical solvent and heat are applied to organic material such as nuts, seeds, flowers, leaves or olives. The solvent separates the oil of this organic material and then evaporates. What is left behind is a usable oil product that is safe for consumption, medical use, and other practices.

What are extraction grade solvents that are safe for this process? Some common solvents used for oil extraction are hexane, IPA, and acetone, among others. These solvents are used in extraction processes for their fast evaporation rates, and ability to draw out a large amount of oil. If you are looking for the right extraction grade solvents for your practice, Ecolink can help.

Benefits of Ecolink’s Extraction Solvents:

  • Bulk Availability – Ecolink offers convenient, affordable bulk sizing on all of their chemical products, including extraction solvents. Extraction solvents like the ones previously mentioned are offered in 5 gallon buckets and 55 gallon drums.
  • Expert Guidance – If you need help deciding which solvents would work best for your applications, Ecolink’s dedicated team of chemists and experts are here to help. Ecolink will work with you to understand your needs, find the right chemical to get the job done, and make sure you understand proper safety and storage practices.
  • Eco Friendly – In addition to traditional extraction grade solvents, Ecolink also offers several environmentally prefered chemical alternatives. If you are interested in replacing some of your traditional chemicals with eco-friendly, green alternatives, Ecolink can help find the right ones for you!

What Are Extraction Grade Solvents – And Where Can You Find Them?

If you need to find high quality extraction grade solvents, contact ecolink here to learn more! Ecolink is a trusted chemical provider, who has the knowledge and experience to help you find exactly what you need. Call today to learn more!