How is a Water Soluble Degreaser Safer?

Degreasers have one specific purpose: to dissolve or break down soiling agents on metal, rubber, or plastic surfaces. Water soluble degreasers have been approved for a number of applications and are safer to use. As opposed to alkaline or solvent-based choices, they are more expensive, but far less harmful on the environment. Water soluble degreasers also do not have a long list of disposal requirements, which is costly for most companies. They also do not pose harm to children, elderly individuals, or anyone with respiratory problems when used.

These degreasers do not contaminate local drinking supplies, may be disposed in drains, and meet all environmental protection laws in regards to dumping. Water soluble degreasers are able to remove harsh substances and corrosion on a number of varying surfaces. It is just as easy to eliminate fuel, grease residue, acidic corrosion, or blood when these safer alternatives are used. Water soluble degreasers have become a common application in the automotive, medical, and aviation industries due to their effectiveness as well as environmentally friendly properties.

Choosing the Right Contaminant Remover
Switching to a water soluble degreaser is not as easy as picking the first one you see. It involves careful evaluation of the surface to be cleaned and the contaminants needing to be removed. If the contaminant being removed is harmful to the environment, then washing it down the drain is not the best idea. This also has an adverse effect on local water supplies, which will cause all life forms to be directly exposed to the chemicals or dangerous contaminants. If using alkaline or solvent-based degreasers, they cannot be poured out, but must instead be disposed as toxic waste.

Degreasers are naturally required as part of proper maintenance of equipment as they help breakdown build-up or contamination for better operation and quick fault identification. Water soluble degreasers are considered to be chemically neutral meaning that they can be washed down common sewage drains and do not harm the environment. While an effective choice is necessary, water soluble degreasers are a safer, more environmentally friendly choice. They are still able to penetrate and lift grease from surfaces without extensive effort. These choices have additional noteworthy qualities including:

  • Non-flammable
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic
  • No Acids or Abrasives
  • Non-Corrosive

Not every water soluble degreaser is the same; however, those that come in concentrated forms for stable emulsion during water dilution are a great choice. Additional properties as listed above make the degreaser safer to handle, better for the environment, and do not harm the surface or item to be cleaned. Many water soluble degreasers are suitable for cleaning grease, carbon deposits, fuel oil, or water-based paints.

Do you need heavy duty degreasers or simply desire to decrease the processes currently required by solvent or alkaline-based solutions? At Ecolink, it is our personal goal to help you achieve these objectives with ease and at the lowest possible cost. Besides offering several pre-made choices, we are able to blend unique formulas so you get the right clean without jeopardizing safety. Contact us today to learn more about our current product line or specially formulated water soluble degreasers.