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Water Descalers For Boilers and Water Treatment Systems

There appears to be a significant amount of debate across the wider industry and marketplace about water descalers and the different types. Primarily, there are two schools of thought when it comes  to water descalers, chemical and electronic. Understanding the differences is an important step. Ecolink, being a chemical supply company, we choose to concern ourselves with the chemical side of the discussions. 

Essentially, electronic or magnetic water descalers attempt to recreate the benefits provided by  chemical descalers without using chemicals. We find this to be problematic because electronically  or magnetically, the devices are not actually removing scales from systems but are  changing/altering the condition of the pipes and tanks where the scaling is occurring. Chemical  water descalers actually act as solvents to chemically dissolve the scales inside your tanks without  requiring power to be continually supplied to perform their tasks. As such, it makes the tasks of  descaling more cost-effective when using chemical water descaling products. 

Not only do water descalers removes scales and corrosion from boilers, HVACS, water cooling system, closed-loop systems, and more, but they also work to prevent future scales and corrosion by removing excess oxygen from the water. If you are looking for chemical water descalers from a reliable chemical provider, Ecolink can help. 

Benefits of Shopping Water Descalers with Ecolink:

  • 30 years of experience
  • Chemical Product Variety
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  • Eco-Friendly Chemical Alternatives
  • Bulk Supply 5-55 gallons
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  • Proper Use and Storage Instructions
  • High Quality, Safe Chemicals

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