Uses for Bulk Acetone and Finding a Reliable Supplier

Acetone is a naturally occurring compound chemical that is used as a solvent or cleaner in many industries such as cosmetics, medicine, and gasoline, which require a bulk acetone supply. Acetone is an organic chemical that is safe to use in personal care products while still being potent enough to remove substances like grease, oil, or paint. If you are in a business that requires the use of acetone, finding a reliable and cost effective supplier, to provide pure, high quality, bulk acetone, is very important.

Uses for Bulk Acetone 

Acetone is a versatile chemical that can be found as an ingredient in many cosmetic products, used as an industrial degreaser, or used to thin paint. These are some of the uses for bulk acetone.

  • Cosmetics – Acetone is the main ingredient in nail polish remover used in salons or sold for consumer use in drug stores.
  • Environmental – Acetone is used to contain oil spills preventing oil from spreading in water. Acetone is also used to clean oil from animals that are affected by oil spills, as it is safe for animals and humans, when used properly.
  • Gasoline – Acetone is an additive used to thin gasoline, allowing gas to move more easily through the engine, increasing fuel efficiency.
  • Medical – Acetone can be used to disinfect medical tools and equipment.
  • Industrial – Acetone works great as a de-greaser and cleaner with a fast evaporation rate making it perfect to de-gum and remove substances from machinery, glass, metal, or electronics.

Acetone is much more cost effective in comparison to similar cleaners and de-greasers used in these industries, and finding a reliable bulk supplier of acetone is key. Ecolink is an environmentally conscious provider of bulk chemical supplies, including acetone. We provide bulk supplies of high purity acetone from 5 gallon pails to 55 gallon drums. To learn more about bulk acetone and find out if it is the right chemical for your needs, contact us today!