Turpentine vs Acetone 

Turpentine vs Acetone 

What are the differences when comparing turpentine vs acetone? Turpentine and acetone are similar chemical solvents that can be used for many of the same industrial applications as a solvent or cleaning agent.  Both turpentine and acetone can be used as additives in paint thinners, stripping agents, and lacquers. These two products can also be used as quick-drying cleaning agents for large industrial machinery. 

Turpentine is derived from pine trees and has been used for centuries, originally as a thinning agent for oil paints. Acetone is believed to have been discovered in the middle ages by alchemists. It is believed that it was first produced in the early 1600s as a distillate of lead acetate. In modern practice, acetone can be used as a solvent for plastics and synthetic fibers. It also saw its way into the cosmetics industry as an additive to nail polish and other products. 

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Turpentine vs Acetone – Benefits & Applications 

  • Effective solvent properties 
  • Effective cleaning agent
  • Fast drying 
  • Degreasing and extraction solvent 
  • Varnishes 
  • Lacquer 
  • Paint Thinners
  • Striping Agents

Both turpentine and acetone can be used for many of these applications, and if you need help choosing the best chemical product for your particular use, the experts at Ecolink can help you. 

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