Tristan’s Internship Experience

When I first learned about the Ecolink internship, it caught my interest to say the least. I’ve always been passionate about the environment, so working with a company that emphasizes environmental issues and sustainability like Ecolink is a big priority for me. Plus, being able to work remotely and on my own schedule was great as a busy senior in college. All in all, I knew I had to apply right away.

What I’ve Learned

In addition to being perfect for my interests and schedule, the Ecolink internship has also taught me quite a bit and helped me grow as a professional. This Spring, I’ve gotten to learn about:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Writing blogs on technical topics
  • Hot topics in the chemical industry
  • Extraction and cleaning methods
  • Keyword research and using Google Analytics

Entering this internship, I was mostly looking to supplement my schoolwork with something that could give me some insight into the chemical industry and help prepare me to really enter the professional world as an engineer. Exiting this internship, I can definitely say I got what I came for and much more.

Working At Ecolink

Being an intern at Ecolink was an absolute joy. Hannah is a wonderful supervisor that is easy to communicate with, unbelievably helpful and understanding, and just an overall amazing person to work with. I never felt bad about having questions or needing help with something, which makes working so much more pleasant.

In addition to the amazing peers, I also only have good things to say about the work itself. Getting to educate myself on important topics in the industry and then actively work towards presenting that information in a new, more digestible way feels like meaningful work that you can be proud of.

All in all, I can’t recommend interning with Ecolink enough. Amazing work with amazing people, and you can do it in a way that fits perfectly into your schedule. I simply couldn’t ask for more!