tidal max deck stripper

The Benefits of Tidal Max Deck Stripper

Looking for a Deck Cleaning Solution? 

If you have been in the market for a new deck detergent, look no further! Tidal Max Deck Stripper is an alkaline, industrial-grade deck cleaning solution. Its primary ingredient is oligomeric D-glucopyranose (0.1%-1% by weight). This cleaner effectively expels dirt, grease, and oil from wooden and concrete decks. It also has the ability to strip unwanted paint and stain off of decks.  

Using Tidal Max Deck Stripper: 4 Easy Steps 

Tidal Max Deck Stripper is easy to use! Just follow these 4 simple steps: 

  1. Depending on what you are using Tidal Max Deck Stripper for, it may or may not require dilution. For general deck cleaning, Tidal Max Deck Stripper should be diluted to a concentration between 1:2 and 1:4. However, when stripping paint or stain off of decks, it may be used without dilution.  
  2. Before applying Tidal Max Deck Stripper, fully wet down the deck’s surface. Then, administer the deck stripper with a low-pressure appliance.  
  3. Allow Tidal Max Deck Stripper to sit on the deck for 10 minutes.  
  4. Rinse the deck stripper off of the deck using low pressure for wooden surfaces or high pressure for concrete surfaces.  

When stripping paint from a deck, Tidal Max Deck Stripper may need to be applied and rinsed off a second time. Additionally, Tidal Max Deck Stripper should not be allowed to dry before rinsing. It also should not be used on aluminum or paint that is meant to stay intact. Please refer to Tidal Max Deck Stripper’s Safety Data Sheet for further instructions on how to safely apply this product.   

Beneficial Traits of Tidal Max Deck Stripper  

Tidal Max Deck Stripper offers its users a number of beneficial traits, such as: 

  • Low instability 
  • Nonflammable 
  • Sold in three convenient sizes  
  • Can be used with hot water or cold water  

Where Can You Buy Tidal Max Deck Stripper?  

Tidal Max Deck Stripper is just one of the many products provided by Tidal Washers, one of Ecolink’s affiliates. In addition to Tidal Max Deck Stripper, Tidal Washers offers a wide variety of industrial cleaning solutions and solvents, such as kitchen cleaners, concrete removers, butyl degreasers, and non-butyl degreasers. Tidal Washers’ products are eco-friendly, efficacious, and affordable- all qualities that any good industrial cleaning solution should have.  

Whether you have additional questions or are ready to buy, please contact Tidal Washers by filling out our contact form or calling 800-563-1305!