tidal brown soap

The Benefits of Tidal Brown Soap

Are You Interested in an Industrial Truck Wash?  

Have you been looking for a new industrial truck wash solution? Tidal Brown Soap might just be the right product for you. This alkaline solution primarily consists of n,n-bis(carboxymethyl)-glycine/trisodium salt, sodium hydroxide, a proprietary surfactant blend, and ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid/tetrasodium salt tetrahydrate (all 1%-5% by weight).  

Tidal Brown Soap effectively removes magnetic road film, carbon stack stain, and other types of dirt and grime from trailers, trucks, and tractors. It can also be used on aluminum surfaces, as well as painted surfaces.   

3 Easy Steps to Use Tidal Brown Soap  

Using Tidal Brown Soap entails just 3 easy steps: 

  1. First, because Tidal Brown Soap is a highly concentrated solution, it must be diluted. If using Tidal Brown Soap with hot water, dilute to a concentration of 1:100. If using with cold water, dilute to a concentration of 1:50.
  2. Apply Tidal Brown Soap to the truck, trailer, or other desired surface using either a pressure washer or a drive-through truck wash. 
  3. Rinse the surface well. Do not allow Tidal Brown Soap to dry before rinsing.

There are a few additional important tips that should be noted before using Tidal Brown Soap. Tidal Brown Soap should not be used on anodized aluminum, polished aluminum, or poly sealed surfaces. When being applied to painted surfaces, its concentration should not exceed 1:40. Finally, be sure to read over Tidal Brown Soap’s Safety Data Sheet before using it for the first time for full instructions on how to apply and store it safely.  

Advantages of Tidal Brown Soap  

Some of the amazing advantages offered by Tidal Brown Soap include: 

  • Nonflammable 
  • Low instability 
  • Sold in three convenient bulk sizes, which are excellent for commercial use   
  • Can be used with hot water or cold water 

About Tidal Washers  

Tidal Washers, an affiliate of Ecolink, Inc., is your one-stop-shop for industrial cleaning solutions such as Tidal Brown Soap. Tidal Washers supplies eco-friendly, efficacious, and affordable products such as house exterior cleaners, butyl degreasers, non-butyl degreasers, concrete removal chemicals, and much more. Our chemists also offer toll blending for customers who are in need of customized and specialized chemical solutions that they cannot find anywhere else on the market.  

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