Parts Metal Magic

The Benefits of Parts Metal Magic

Interested in a New Cleaning Powder for Your Spray Cabinet?  

If so, Parts Metal Magic might just be the product for you. Parts Metal Magic is a cleaning powder that is primarily comprised of calcined soda, disodium oxosilanediolate, triphosphoric acid/sodium salt, sodium lauryl benzene sulfonate, and 2-butoxyethanol. It can be used to expel dirt, grease, and oil from aluminum, brass, and other types of metal. Parts Metal Magic is specifically formulated for use in high-pressure spray cabinets and hot vats.  

Why Purchase Parts Metal Magic?  

Parts Metal Magic is an excellent and effective cleaning powder thanks to its many valuable properties, which include:  

  • Nonflammable 
  • Low instability 
  • Contains 2% citric solvent, which gives the powder a citrus scent 
  • Sold in two convenient bulk sizes 
  • Highly concentrated 

How Do I Use Parts Metal Magic?  

When utilizing Parts Metal Magic in conjunction with a high-pressure spray cabinet or a hot vat, the water in the cabinet or vat should be set to about 160ºF. Then, depending on the level of the soil of the metal parts to be cleaned, between 2 ounces and 8 ounces of Parts Metal Magic should be used for each gallon of water. Next, the machine’s agitator can be turned on to incorporate the powder into the water. The length of time that the metal parts should be left in the cabinet or vat will depend on two factors: the conditions of the water and the amount of soil on the metal.  

What Safety Precautions Are Needed When Applying Parts Metal Magic? 

Because Parts Metal Magic is an industrial-strength cleaning powder, it is important to refer to its Safety Data Sheet for detailed information on its potential hazards, what personal protective equipment is required while using it, and how to store it safely. Please read over the SDS before working with Parts Metal Magic for the first time.  

Where Can I Find Tidal Washers Products?  

Wondering where to buy Parts Metal Magic? It is one of the many products provided by Tidal Washers, a division of Ecolink, Inc. Tidal Washers offers a vast range of industrial, high-quality, eco-friendly chemical solutions, including concrete removers, brick cleaners, house exterior detergents, and more. Tidal Washers also manufactures custom chemicals for companies that require unique or highly specialized products.  

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