Dynamo Coil Descaler

The Benefits of Dynamo Coil Descaler

Cleaning Heating Coils  

Are you looking for a new cleaning solution for heating coils or other metal surfaces? Dynamo Coil Descaler might just be the right product for you. Dynamo Coil Descaler is a bright red, acidic cleaning solution primarily composed of hydrochloric acid (30%-40% by weight). It effectively removes mineral scale buildup from hot water heating coils, water tanks, and other types of metal equipment. It can also prevent etching from occurring on these surfaces.  

Why Use Dynamo Coil Descaler?  

You may now be wondering, why should I use Dynamo Coil Descaler rather than one of the other descaling products on the market? The answer is that Dynamo Coil Descaler possesses numerous beneficial features, such as: 

  • Low fuming 
  • Low instability 
  • Nonflammable  
  • Available in two bulk sizes: 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums 
  • Industrial strength  

How to Use Dynamo Coil Descaler  

Now that you have learned about why you should use Dynamo Coil Descaler, how should you use it? First and foremost, refer to its Safety Data Sheet for full safety instructions. Because Dynamo Coil Descaler is an acidic solution, it has the potential to cause skin and eye damage, so the proper safety precautions must be followed at all times. In addition, its acidity makes it toxic to aquatic life, so adhering to the correct disposal guidelines is essential.  

There are a couple of simple steps that should be followed when using Dynamo Coil Descaler to clean and descale heating coils: 

  • Dynamo Coil Descaler should not be poured into heating coils rapidly. Rather, it should be added slowly and incrementally.  
  • After the full amount of Dynamo Coil Descaler has been poured into heating coils, it should be allowed to circulate for approximately 30 minutes to effectively remove all mineral scale and other types of buildup.  

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