Tert-Butyl Acetate Applications

What is Tertiary Butyl Acetate?

Tertiary Butyl Acetate, also known as T-Butyl Acetate or TBAc, is a VOC exempt and non-HAP status solvent.  T-Butyl Acetate is VOC exempt due to it having negligible contribution to tropospheric ozone formation. This allows it to be an ideal substitute for compounds that are regulated as VOCs which allows it to reduce smog from coating emissions within the ozone.  Tert-butyl acetate has a few key features including:

  • Broad solvency range (similar to that of hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents)
  • Low density
  • Low flash point
  • Intermediate evaporation rate

Safety and Handling of Tert-Butyl Acetate

Tert-Butyl Acetate is a skin, throat, and eye irritant if contact occurs.  Along with that, T-Butyl Acetate is a highly flammable liquid and vapor. The vapors may travel to a source of ignition and ignite.  Since the vapors are heavier than air, they will collect low on the ground. To prevent any incidents, it is imperative that there are no open flames, sparks, and no smoking.  Other safety precautions is to wear protective gloves, safety goggles, and provide proper ventilation.

Various Applications of T-Butyl Acetate

Tert-Butyl Acetate has a wide range of applications and is seen as the better choice over

T-Butyl Acetate is mostly used for industrial cleaning because it is one of the most effective solvent for cleaning polished metals without dulling the polished surface.  With cleaning electronics, tert-butyl acetate can be used to clean and degrease circuit boards and removing solder flux. Tert-Butyl Acetate is also used as a replacement for certain solvents within photoresist formulations which are used in semiconductor processing.  Other than being an industrial solvent cleaner and degreaser, T-Butyl Acetate also plays a key role in resin and rubber production along with plastic production. Tert-Butyl Acetate is also takes part in the production of:

  • Adhesives
  • Sealants
  • Lacquers
  • Enamels, and
  • Thinners

TBAc is also ideal when cleaning coatings because its fast evaporation rate allows it to not change any of the coatings properties.  It is also a component within Alkyd coatings which are used mainly for decorative coatings. Other various applications of T-Butyl Acetate are its role within inks, digital inks, and as an organic intermediate within pharmaceuticals.

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