Sydney’s Internship Experience

The Ecolink internship gave me valuable life and career experience and ended up exceeding all of my expectations. Not only did I learn new skills, but had the opportunity to nurture preexisting ones. My two points of contact during the Ecolink internship were easily accessible and always responded to my questions in a timely manner. Even though I didn’t have much interest in the chemical industry, I found myself proud to be working for a company whose sustainable beliefs aligned with my own. It made every blog post I wrote feel purposeful and enjoyable when I knew that I was helping the company achieve its dream of a greener future. 

I participated in Ecolink’s summer 2021 internship, which was fully remote. It gave me the flexibility to work when I wanted, where I wanted, and how much I wanted. I chose to work between thirty to forty hours a week and ended up writing over one hundred blog posts. I appreciated how flexible and consistent the workload was, which was especially nice during the summer when my course load isn’t as heavy. 

What I Learned 

As an English technical communication major, I was excited to have the opportunity to write blog posts and help create other creative content for Ecolink. With the assistance of the internship directors, I learned how to utilize SEO to make what I was writing stand out on Google and other search engines. I also learned how to…  

  • Conduct keyword research 
  • Use meta tags and descriptions 
  • Optimize my writing for Google 
  • Use Google analytics 
  • Find chemical suppliers and manufacturers 
  • Create engaging product names 
  • Structure blog posts 

My favorite part about the internship was how much free rein I had to write creative and intriguing content that otherwise may not have seemed as such. I wrote about everything from gutter cleaning to cannabis extraction. It was a challenge at times, but it made me look at these topics from a unique perspective in order to create blog posts with engaging content. This not only made me a better technical writer but gave me more knowledge on relevant scientific topics I might not have learned without this internship.  


Since the Ecolink internship was remote, all of our communication was done virtually. Whether it was messages or video meetings, I always felt like I could reach out at any time and receive an answer back quickly. The only area of the “remoteness” that I would’ve changed was consistently meeting on video chat more often to go over our submitted blog posts and receive extra feedback on our keywords and SEO. Regardless, the sessions that we did have were informative and constructive.  

Main Take Away 

During my time with Ecolink, I felt like a valued employee. Carolyn and Hannah were supportive and appreciative of all the work we interns did for the company. It made me feel like what I wrote had a purpose. Since learning more about SEO, I’ve found myself gravitating towards digital marketing and content creation, and hope to utilize the skills I’ve picked up here with me in any future jobs I have.  

If anyone is looking to get paid to write quality content, have a great support system, a flexible schedule, and learn something new, then apply to this internship.  

For more information about Ecolink’s internships and how to apply click here!