Sophie’s Internship Experience

Introduction to Sophie

Hi there! My name is Sophie, and I am a college junior majoring in Biochemistry. During my sophomore year, I had been hoping to find an internship for the following summer, so I was overjoyed when I was hired as one of Ecolink’s SEO Writing Interns.  

This internship definitely met my expectations of what a remote summer internship would involve. My main task was to write blog posts based on certain keywords and try to reach a high keyword density. As someone who did not have previous experience in digital marketing, this was a new concept to me, but I enjoyed learning about it! In addition, my chemistry background aided me in writing about some of the assigned topics, such as solvents and extractions. I think having a basic understanding of the topic before I began researching helped me to craft more concise blog posts. 

Communication is a must!

I would guess that one of the biggest worries on most students’ minds when starting a remote internship would be experiencing a lack of communication. Fortunately, this was not an issue for me. Our supervisor Carolyn made herself very available through texting and Microsoft Teams and always answered my questions. She encouraged us to reach out to her if we were ever confused about anything, which I really appreciated.  

Favorite Part of the Internship

My favorite part of the internship was writing descriptions for the products that are going to be sold on Ecolink’s new website, Tidal Washers. I used the descriptions provided by our chemical manufacturing company to write my own descriptions, each of which included a summary of the product, its benefits, and how to use it. I also synthesized some information from the products’ Safety Data Sheets to write these pieces, which is another area in which my chemistry background was helpful.   

In conclusion, I am grateful that I was one of the students selected for Ecolink’s internship program. I feel like I contributed to their growth and development as a company throughout the summer, which made it a rewarding experience. I would recommend this internship to anyone interested in the fields of chemistry, science communication, business, digital marketing, or any combination of the above!   

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