sodium hypochlorite vs bleach

Sodium Hypochlorite VS Bleach

What are the differences when comparing sodium hypochlorite vs bleach? Sodium hypochlorite is a white powder made up of chlorine and sodium hydroxide. When this powder solution is combined with water it creates the solution that is known as bleach. Simply put the difference between sodium hypochlorite vs bleach is the consistency. Sodium Hypochlorite on its own is the powder substance used to create liquid beach, and bleach is a  liquid disinfectant and whitening agent made by combining sodium hypochlorite with water.
Oftentimes, sodium hypochlorite is just referred to as bleach, as liquid bleach is the most common use of sodium hypochlorite. However, powdered sodium hypochlorite can be used on it’s own for some applications. Most commonly in water purification and in the treatment of pools. If you need to find a reliable supplier of liquid sodium hypochlorite or bleach in bulk, Ecolink can help!

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