Formulation and Use of Scale Solvent: An Overview

A scale solvent is a solvent whose active properties are measured using official scales that predict the performance of the solvent in crucial areas. For example, it is common to “scale” a solvent using the following eight performance indicators, among others:

  • Boiling point
  • Melting point
  • Density
  • Solubility in water
  • Relative polarity
  • Eluant strength
  • Threshold limits
  • Vapor pressure

A scale solvent is typically quantified in one of two capacities: as a solvent whose characteristics compare to other solvents in the same class, or as a solvent whose traits compare to other classes of solvents.

When comparing solvents in the same “class”, the classification may be quite broad (e.g., aqueous solvents) or highly specific (e.g., dielectric cleaners for circuit boards). In either case, the goal is to show whether the solvent’s formulation is scaled to the needs of the user.

Scale Solvent vs. Custom Solvent

When companies and organizations set out to buy a solvent, they have two basic options: Purchase stock solvents that are already formulated and ready for shipment, or invest in a custom solvent that is formulated to meet the requirements of a single user.

Because custom solvents tend to cost a bit more and take slightly longer to deliver than stock solvents, most users look for a stock solvent instead of immediately targeting a custom formulation. Due to the precise measurement of one or more of its scalable qualities, a scale solvent provides a solution that’s shown to work in a highly specific manner, much like a custom solvent would.

There are also cases when a scale solvent is a custom solvent. The solvent’s scalable qualities are formulated to a precise degree to guarantee precise results. When a solvent supplier advertises scale solvents, it’s a good idea to ask which kind of scale solvents are available for purchase: stock products, custom formulations, or both.

In addition to potentially removing the need for custom solvents, readymade scale solvents can eliminate the need to dilute solvents to achieve specific mixture ratios. You receive a product that’s ready to “drop in” your solvent applications from the moment the shipment arrives.

In the Market for a Scale Solvent?

Due to the precision performance data that scale solvents entail, they allow users to buy with great confidence, knowing the solvent will work in a precise way.

If you need an environmentally preferred scale solvent, Ecolink is here to help. We offer a wide array of eco friendly stock solvents, as well as custom solvents that are designed for the unique needs of a single customer. Choose the solvent you need in the form that you need it: aerosol, hand wipes, pump spray, etc. You also have the option to order in various quantities.

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