Safety Kleen Parts Washer + PD 680 = Disaster for US Military

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Ecolink Inc. honored at Warner Robins AFB 2010 Environmental, Health and Safety Fair

With more than 100 exhibitors, Ecolink Inc. was recognized for their commitment to our troops and reducing taxpayer’s burden by promoting local, safer, and healthier industrial cleaning solvents and degreasers. With thousands of attendees, Ecolink Inc. confirmed PD 680 is still in use despite its phase-out on December 13, 1999 and replacement with MIL PRF 680. The common denominator is pairing this material in use with Safety Kleen Parts Washers. This is a giant sized NO NO on multiple levels:

  1. It has not been part of “any” technical order (TO) in more than 10 years!
  2. It has not been re-tested, approved and re-certified for compatibility with “any” new programs or military equipment introduced post-1999.
  3. It is supplied by Chemical Specialists & Development Inc. (CSD Inc.), cage code 4N760 – frequently cited for poorly performing materials and no MSDS available on their website for PD 680, NSN 6850-00-274-5421.
  4. How can you verify you are getting what you paid for? Safety Kleen delivers & picks up and the product smells the same way coming and going. Hmmmmm. ** During a recent Air National Guard visit, the MSDS for CSD Inc.’s PD 680A, Type II was last revised in 1992. This is not a typo, almost 20 years ago and 7 years prior to cancellation.

Four reasons why PD 680 is still in use after cancellation on December 13, 1999

Here is our theory why this trend continues despite a user survey for P-D-680 solvents and commercial alternative solvent evaluations completed during 1994-1995 where twenty-three (23) commercial solvents were identified as candidate alternative P-D-680 solvents.

A)   PD 680 is a LOT less expensive (30-40%) than PRF 680

B)   PD 680 works and has for more than 50 years. The ‘smell’ is familiar.

C)   PD 680, also known as Mineral Spirit Solvents, is readily available from a long list of suppliers

D)   PD 680 vs. PRF 680 has ‘minimal’ cost difference for disposal

Stop and do the right thing. It costs more to buy but cost less when factoring the risk exposure to the soldier or civilian and the very expensive parts and materials being routinely cleaned.


Special Offer for Warner Robins AFB attendees of 2010 EH&S Fair

Ecolink Inc. is offering a 15% discount and FREE shipping for any new cleaner degreasers, degreaser chemicals or industrial solvent manufactured or distributed by Ecolink Inc. — including MIL PRF 680B.
Mention “Museum of Aviation” when placing order.

We offer numerous alternatives to:

  • Chemtronics

  • Petroferm Inc.

  • CRC Industries

  • Safety Kleen

  • Inland Technologies
  • ZEP
  • LPS Laboratories

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