Replacement Strategies for Banned Chemicals

replacing banned chemicalsWith the help of newly found research and scientific studies on the inclusion of certain types of chemicals used in cleaning solvents, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is using this information to reduce the use of hazardous chemical solvents in the workplace and at home. If any chemical cleaning solvents are determined to be harmful, the EPA will start a notification process that will inform industrial businesses and the public who might be using harmful chemical cleaning solvents that an immediate cease and desist must commence no later than a certain date that will be provided, actuated by the EPA. A similar occurrence happened with a chemical solvent known as HCFC-225. Beginning on January 1, 2015, businesses that facilitate industrial cleaning solutions will no longer be lawfully allowed to use the chemical solvent HCFC-225, which is also called “AK225.” AK225 is a popularly used precision solvent used for cleaning industrial parts, metals, components, and materials, because of its efficiency for high performance cleaning. Known as “white paper,” this document, which will explain the termination of HCFC-225, will consist detailed information stating the reason why the EPA banned the chemical solvent.

The well detailed and abundantly informational white paper will also offer options for replacement cleaning solvents that will be listed on the document. In other words, your industrial organization will immediately have ‘a leg up’ in finding an alternative cleaning solution if it is currently using AK225. When implementing the plan to change to a different chemical cleaning solvent, options exist that include eco friendly, green initiative solutions that will clean as effectively as AK225 could, and also instill a safe solution that places people and the environment out of danger. If you, or your business, would like more information on eco friendly alternative cleaning solutions, Ecolink is a green initiative organization that can assist with the switch to a better, safer solvent.

Ecolink employs a team of scientists and experts in the chemical solvent industry that work toward uncovering hazardous chemical solvents that are still made available to industrial businesses and the public for cleaning purposes. In addition, through chemical research, Ecolink experts and scientists have developed eco friendly, green alternative cleaning solvent options that can take the place of your harmful cleaning solvent, and clean with as much efficiency as your previous model. Ecolink has plenty of information on eco friendly cleaning alternatives readily available, which means that little, to no lag time should happen when an industrial organization commits to switching to green initiative chemical cleaners.

Ecolink, through its brilliantly developed solvent replacement strategies, has made transitioning from one chemical solvent to a new, safer chemical cleaning solution simple. Industrial businesses, if willing to adhere to Ecolink’s strategies on solvent replacement, will never have to worry about problems related to conforming to the EPA’s set mandates and regulations ever again.

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