Professional Degreasers Vs. Consumer Degreasers: What’s The Difference?

All types of chemical degreasers have one thing in common: They are chemically formulated to break up accumulations of grease and similar substances. Beyond this central commonality, however, degreasers can differ widely, especially when it comes to comparing professional degreasers that are designed for commercial and industrial use to consumer degreasers that are designed for residential use and light, occasional cleaning jobs in non-industrial buildings.

Professional Grade Vs. Consumer Grade

It seems obvious that a company or an organization that has professional degreasing needs would shop for professional degreasers, but there are plenty of entities that try to use consumer grade degreasers because the solutions tend to cost less per volume than professional grade solutions. Using a consumer degreaser instead of a professional degreaser may cost less up front, but there are four crucial sacrifices the customer makes to achieve the initial cost saving.

  1. Degreasing Power

Professional degreasers almost always deliver more cleaning power by volume than consumer grade degreasers — and there are some types of greasy, convoluted substances that the latter type of degreasers simply won’t remove efficiently, no matter how much of the solution you apply. Part of what makes professional grade degreasers “professional” is that they do the job quickly.

  1. Long-term Cost Effectiveness

Consumer grade degreaser may have a lower price tag than professional degreaser, but the price difference doesn’t mean as much when you consider that you typically have to use more of the former than the latter for any given cleaning operation. In addition, professional degreasers are frequently offered in bulk orders at wholesale prices, whereas consumer grade solutions are typically sold in single units or small packs that aren’t intended for long-term storage or big degreasing jobs.

  1. Range of Application

As a solvent category, professional degreaser is created for a wider range of applications than consumer degreaser. For example, if you need to clean large, energized motors that have complex geometries, you can order a large cylinder of aerosol that’s dispersed with a spray gun, has a dielectric formulation, and evaporates almost instantly while leaving behind no residue. Such options — especially in combination — are hard to come by in consumer degreasers.

  1. Custom Formulation

Providers of professional degreasers that have their own team of chemists often present the option of custom solvent formulation. That is, they can create a custom solvent that’s designed to meet the unique requirements of a single user. Consumer grade degreasers don’t come with this option. They are readymade products that are designed to hit store shelves and sell fast.

Need Professional Degreasers?

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