Leader in Power Generation OSHA Compliant Solvents

For more than 21 years, Ecolink continues to lead the industrial chemical industry with the research and development of EPA, OSHA compliant solvents, degreasers and aqueous cleaners for use in maintenance, repair and overhaul of critical electrical equipment. With more than 5,000 formulated and commodity chemicals we are sure to have what you need and will deliver where you need it and when you need it no matter how small or big. Its simple, every day not generating power is lost revenue. We have coast-to-coast warehousing for your critical cleaners, degreasers and solvents for next day delivery. In addition, we have walked a mile in your shoes having personally delivered product to your job sites and watched and learned how to make your next outage shorter and safer. Down time is lost power and lost power is lost money. Let’s get to work!

  • Operating gas turbine power plant, natural gas compressor station, solar gas turbines or combined cycle gas turbine powered by Siemens gas turbines, GE gas turbines, or Rolls-Royce gas turbines (i.e., Trent 60 and Allison 250 series) and need better gas turbine performance and gas turbine efficiency? Look no further, our turbine wash and compressor wash portfolio of both water-based and high purity petroleum-based compressor cleaning solvents leave surfaces clean and oil free and can be used with any on-line / off-line injection system to maintain maximum turbine efficiency for far longer than with conventional gas compressor cleaners. Steam turbine performance, efficiency and efficiency of wind turbines require gas turbine cleaners with low metals that are specifically formulated for on-line, fired wash cleaning of gas turbine compressor to readily penetrate and solubilize heavy oils, asphaltic materials and grease deposits so that they can be removed by a water or solvent flush. It is especially effective in cleaning turbine blades and internal systems, as well as in a variety of general-purpose de-oiling applications. We offer ZOK 27, ZOK MX and very cost-effective alternatives to JAD Chemical and Rochem Fyrewash®.
  • Wind turbine maintenance and wind farm maintenance just got easier. Do you clean the inside of nacelle of a wind turbine? Ever experience freezing, especially during winter months, from using aqueous cleaners such as Simple Green®? We have you covered during every season. Between our flagship dielectric solvents Electron and Positron approved by Siemens-Westinghouse and GE Energy respectively for tough to remove oils and greases and our one-of-a-kind, Rip Tide for all-purpose, hand-wipe you can complete your maintenance and cleanup of nacelle interior faster and safer while minimizing operating and maintenance costs (O&M).




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  • Still using shop rags, T-shirts or cloth diapers with a squirt bottle for wind farm maintenance? Stop and consolidate. Pre-saturated wipes and lint-free dry wipes (ex: Sontara, Microdenier Polishing Cloth, LWTB0006, TJ-1717) are available in a variety of convenient, easy-to-use and open package types including resealable foil pouches and spring-loaded canisters to ensure you bring up (and down) the least amount of material to get the job safely and profitably.
  • Need plastic safe, non-flammable for no flash contact cleaning? Ecolink 3005 Aerosol is the total package with a 360 valve so you can spray right side up, upside down or sideways without depleting the propellant along with the absolute bare minimum propellant so you are maximizing the cleaning in each can AND lithographed cans so you are safe during audits, inspections. With a price-match guarantee, we welcome any opportunity to replace LPS® or CRC® aerosol contact cleaners.
  • Going to a remote job site and need commodity chemicals (i.e. Denatured Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol [IPA], Acetone) packaged in in 5-gal containers for rush, overnight delivery? We can guarantee next day delivery to virtually anywhere in US by calling us at 800 886-8240 up until 4 PM (ET).
  • Need to replace denatured alcohol or IPA due to flammability and/or VOC compliance? We got you covered even if you are operating in California. For non-California, our Hypersolve is a non-flammable drop-in replacement for denatured alcohol and IPA following the pre-clean step commonly cleaned with a dielectric solvent. For California job sites, we offer multiple IPA replacements with similar evaporation rate and solvency as IPA. FREE samples are available by emailing info@ecolink.com or calling 800 886-8240.
  • Do you conduct electrical maintenance for USACE, USBR or LCRA and prefer to buy off of GSA? As of 2012, Ecolink industrial chemicals and various other MRO solutions can be sourced via GSA? Not finding what you need on our GSA schedule? Give us a call at 800 886-8240 or email info@ecolink.com and we’ll jump through the necessary hoops so you don’t.
  • Fluid reprocessing technologies, including oil and solvent recycling equipment
  • Aqueous and solvent-based parts washers
  • Oil analysis equipment support with FTIR, TAN/TBN, Viscosity, Titration Particle Counts, ICP and filter stations

Call Christen at 800 563-1305 x 102 or email Christen to buy or request a FREE quote!