Cut Your Parts Washing Solvent Use, Disposal, and VOC’s

Immersion Cleaning Reduces Parts Cleaner Solvent usage & VOC’s

How to Cut your MIL PRF 680 Solvent Usage and VOC's by up to 90%

MIL PRF 680 Types II, IV and V – all compatible

Ecolink partners with Clarus Technologies for MIL PRF 680 Type II, IV, and V to promote the PCS-35 total immersion solvent-based parts washer to tackle your toughest job. The PCS-35 is easy to use with many automated features that save time and money. Simply load parts into the gridded basket, choose a cycle duration from the touch screen panel and walk away! A high degree of cleanliness is achieved in a shorter amount of time with no handling or scrubbing. The parts agitate through a jet stream of solvent under the fluid level, cleaning those hard to reach places.

Agitation reduces solvent for parts washer

Ready to buy a new Clarus parts washing system? Ecolink Inc. offers a 15% discount and FREE shipping for degreaser chemicals or industrial solvent to fill your new parts washing system.

Choose from numerous alternatives and make the switch from the following chemical manufacturers:

  • Chemtronics

  • Petroferm Inc.

  • CRC Industries

  • Safety Kleen

  • Inland Technologies

  • ZEP

  • LPS Laboratories


Call 800 886-8240 or email to discuss your current use of any of these or other manufacturer’s brand to switch and start saving. With over 200 products to choose from, including several new formulations not yet listed on the website, we feel certain we can expand upon the savings and safety improvements enjoyed for nearly 20 years. Chemist owned and operated, we offer guaranteed FREE samples, including FREE freight, to evaluate for a RISK-FREE evaluation.