Non-Chlorinated Solvents: Safer Alternatives for Industrial Cleaning  

Solvents are essential ingredients in industrial-grade cleaning supplies; these versatile substances come in various classifications and structures. However, as vital as they are, they can encourage the risk of several health risks to human and environmental health. One classified solvent possessing this risk is non-chlorinated solvents.  

 This blog will explain the depth of these solvents and detail a few products that Ecolink offers under this classification.  

What Is a Non-Chlorinated Solvent?  

A non-chlorinated solvent is an organic compound not bonded with a chlorine atom. These solvents are safer to utilize products than chlorinated solvents: organic compounds bonded with at least one chlorine atom. While solvents without chlorine are safer for humans, there are still safety concerns one must account for before using them.   

A vast majority of the not chlorinated organic compounds are flammable. Manufacturers who plan to use these solvents in their processes or products should always have the proper personal protective equipment, adequate handling regulations, and secure storage conditions. Each chemical will have unique requirements, so checking Safety Data Sheets is essential to protecting people from injuries or death in the workplace.  

Examples of Solvents Not Bonded With Chlorine Atoms  

Various solvents not bonded with chlorine atoms are available on the market. Some examples of these chemicals include:  

  • Toluene  
  • P-xylene  
  • Cyclohexanone  
  • Mesitylene  
  • Acetone  
  • Ethylene glycol  

Ecolink Products That Do Not Contain Chlorine  

Ecolink offers a wide variety of products that do not contain chlorine atoms. A few products and a small description of them include:  

  • New II: New II is an environmentally preferred parts cleaner created without chlorinated solvents or hazardous ingredients. This cleaner can eliminate grease efficiently, fuel, and organic resins from all mechanical equipment without damaging more delicate surfaces such as rubber and plastic. The odorless solution has a high flash point, so it does not ignite easily.  
  • Qed: Qed is a solvent degreaser wipe made without chlorinated solvents or hazardous ingredients compatible with different types of electrical equipment and a number of rubber and plastic surfaces. This wipe rapidly dries after application, allowing no residue to be left behind.   

Looking to Purchase Solvents Without Chlorine?  

Ecolink is here to provide you with this and more! We have provided high-quality chemicals to new and returning customers for thirty years. Please look through our shop to browse our current product selection. If you have any questions regarding our products, contact us today! Our expert team is willing and ready to assist you in any industrial task!